The building will be dignified in accordance with its location, offering a timeless architectural solution.
We look forward to witnessing how our creativity gradually becomes a reality.

– The architect of Kentmanni 28 —

Architecture sign

Modern and timeless

Kentmanni Street is one of the most exclusive streets in the city centre of Tallinn, with a certain aura of metropolitan sophistication. We have attempted to convey this aura in a new apartment building with timeless modern architecture. The facade is embellished with protruding pilasters, creating a subtle play of shadows and light on it.

Spacious and luxurious

Large floor-to-ceiling windows and French balconies bring plenty of natural light into the building and create a spacious space. The luxurious rooftop terraces on the upper floors open onto Kentmanni Street. The tall part of the building on Liivalaia Street offers beautiful views over the city. On the ground floor of the building are representative commercial premises with large display windows.

Functional design

Well thought out details and technical solutions make everyday life a pleasant experience. The entrance has been made luxurious with a staircase and a glass facade of the elevator, which brings light and spaciousness to these spaces. A comfortable car lift leads to the parking floor; safe and spacious storage areas are located on the bottom floor.

The team of Arhitekt11, including Erkki Annama, Sander Aas, Kristina Kaev and Illimar Truverk, managed to win the architectural competition for the apartment building of Kentmanni 28.