Kentmanni Street is about to be completed

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Modern architecture

We are constructing a modern residential building on the last vacant lot of historic Kentmanni Street for those who love the city centre. The dignified, timeless architecture of the building is closely connected to the location and the surrounding milieu.

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Personalized interior

The apartments are bright, with enchanting views and well thought-out layouts. The finishing packages developed by renowned Estonian interior architects harmonize with the overall architecture and attitude of the house.

There are three complete solutions of different characters, using only high quality materials from well-known manufacturers.

If something is to be created, it should come with ease, with a good feeling and great passion. This is how the house came to life, deserving the result and people who would appreciate it.

- Architect of Kentmanni 28 — ILLIMAR TRUVERK

Unique location

Dignified bank buildings of the main street dating from the First Republic will be your neighbours and getting out of the city noise into the private cosiness is just a few steps away. We value time.
Theatres, cinemas, schools, shops, restaurants and cafés are within the reach of your new home. In addition, parks and the Old Town with its unique rhythm are within walking distance.


The house has been carefully designed to meet the needs of modern people and their lifestyle. Daily rituals quickly become part of the best that the city has to offer you.

Aromatic morning coffee to go along a walk, inspirational gallery visits, delicious experiences at the city’s top restaurants and unique cultural events await you.

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Construction quality

When designing the building, great emphasis is placed on modern technologies and carefully selected materials. Energy efficiency, green architecture and green thinking are the hallmarks of our attitude and values. The collaboration of experienced architects, developer and builder is a prerequisite for any successful project. The building will be completed in 2022.